Friday, 20 January 2017

oLuxo - Gift Shop & Jewellery

I thought that I would share my excitement with you.

I have a new friend who makes stunning jewellery and other wonderful gifts.  I have realised that she seems to be very similar to me, as she also seems to be juggling many financial balls, trying to make a living, in what has become quite a tough economy.

My new friends name is Lynethea Page, and her company name is oLuxo; and as the name suggests her products definitely have a luxury look and feel to them.

I ordered a wrap around bracelet, from her.  The colours that I requested was black and silver and asked if it would be possible to have elephant and star charms. 

I know that she went out of her way to find these things for me and I was over the moon when my parcel arrived. 

Included in my package was a number of small testers of the products that she sells.

This is my bracelet and I am sure that you will agree with me that it is just gorgeous. 

Here are a few other things that she sells:


Take a quick break and hop on over to her site

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Mirror Makeover

Mirror Makeover

Yay!!! I finally got started!!

I decided to go ahead and try my hand at spray painting.  I'm not new to spray painting, so this task wasn't too daunting.  At one stage I was doing interior decorating and I would often cut costs for my customers by spray painting and tinting rebated and round rods. 

I have just never taken something that looks good to start with and apply my own look to it.  (Think this comes from being taught as a child not to damage furniture and things of value, it was kinda drilled into me *grinning*). 

The mirror that I feel really needs a spray paint make over is this one here:

but I decided that before embarking on such a 'big' project I would start with this much smaller mirror

(It is smaller - promise)

I decided to paint it silver and the spray paint that I chose is called Brilliant Spray Paint' colour is HH702.
I paid about R45.00 so that wasn't too bad and managed to spray more than just the mirror.

Before starting, you need to cover the mirror with paper, secure this with masking tape.  I used an old magazine but I would recommend that you use a larger piece of paper like newspaper etc, and tape over all the loose edges, to prevent the spray paint from blowing onto the mirror, (don't ask me how I know this)!  If this does happen you can remove it with acetone, and then using a soft cloth clean with a glass cleaner.

I left the mirror to dry and then I gave it another coat.

The mirror now has a very matt finish, but I am going to be looking around for a spray paint that a glossier look.  I see that in the states there is a spray paint that has a brushed silver finish, I'll be looking to see if we have anything that's similar in South Africa.

I also spray painted that silver bottle.  It was originally a green glass bottle, pretty amazing what you can do with a tin of spray paint.  I'll add some before and after photos of that soon, and also a tray that got the same treatment.

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

2017 - New Year and new blog beginnings

After browsing one of my favorite places this week, namely Pinterest, I stumbled on a website that inspired me to revamp my home in simple DIY projects.  Living in Johannesburg, South Africa I am wondering if this is at all possible.  We have many gorgeous second hand stores and 'cheaper' stores but nothing like I have been made aware of when watching many vloggers, on Youtube that are living in the USA.

I am not aware of any thrift stores that sell second hand furniture at a bargain.  If anything the furniture is labelled as antique and is sold at a high price; but I would like to investigate this now and see if hopefully I can be proved wrong.

I am going to start with simple projects like spray painting the frame on a small mirror.

I do need to work on a shoe string budget and I will be testing this to see what can be achieved.

Can't wait to get started.