Saturday, 14 January 2017

2017 - New Year and new blog beginnings

After browsing one of my favorite places this week, namely Pinterest, I stumbled on a website that inspired me to revamp my home in simple DIY projects.  Living in Johannesburg, South Africa I am wondering if this is at all possible.  We have many gorgeous second hand stores and 'cheaper' stores but nothing like I have been made aware of when watching many vloggers, on Youtube that are living in the USA.

I am not aware of any thrift stores that sell second hand furniture at a bargain.  If anything the furniture is labelled as antique and is sold at a high price; but I would like to investigate this now and see if hopefully I can be proved wrong.

I am going to start with simple projects like spray painting the frame on a small mirror.

I do need to work on a shoe string budget and I will be testing this to see what can be achieved.

Can't wait to get started.


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